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Our Family Farm

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​​Historical Stone House


Built in 1850.  It took 90 days and cost $90.00.  This family treasure has had 8 generations of family live in this home.  It is charmed with family stories and treasures that embrace the spirit of this house.


The house has a historical emphasis leading back to the Civil War.  It holds many family stories and spirits that capture the essence of WV history.  From the hand forged floor nails to the 18" hand cut stone walls, you travel back in time when you step into this gem.

"It's a local treasure."

-Mit Abbott

Fields of Beautiful Lavender


We began this journey during the summer of 2017.  Two siblings and their spouses came together to bring the farming heritage back to the family farm. Although a few cows have grazed over the meadows for several years and cutting hay was a family tradition​, the family decided it was time to enlighten the farm with a new crop and new perspective.  

Although we planted a few dozen plants as a test plot in the summer of 2017, our first major planting endeavor was September of 2017.  We planted approximately 1000 plants on 1/2 acre of the meadows.  

We hope to share our family treasure with our guests and leave them with memories, just as the farm has given our family for 8 generations.

Livestock Charm


Carrying on a long family tradition of cows grazing in the fields, the Stone House Farm ​continues to keep a small family of livestock in the meadows.  Our father was known for his gentle touch with the cattle, even training his 800 lb bull to eat fresh apples straight from your hand.  

In October 2017, the newest additions to the farm family began to grace us.  There are now three new calves grazing the meadows.  The most recent was born on May 10, 2018.

When you visit our farm, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery with the down home essence of a family farm. 

Directions to our Farm:

From I-79:  

Take I-79 to Exit 132, Whitehall.

Follow Route 250 South, Go approximately 1 1/2 miles and turn right onto Lanham Lane.  Stay on Lanham Lane for 1/2 mile.  Our Farm Shop will be located on your left.  

From Rt. 250 South of Fairmont:   

Once you enter Marion county, you will continue on Rt 250 towards Fairmont for approximately 1 mile.  Turn left onto Lanham Lane.  Stay on Lanham Lane for 1/2 mile.  Our Farm Shop will be located on your left.  

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