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This premium grade pet shampoo cleanses your fur babies with a gentle but foamy combination.  It is custom blended with lavender and peppermint to tell those pesky little crawlers to leave your fur babies alone.  The shampoo leaves a soft moisturizing feeling to their fur.  The essential oils in the mixture help relieve anxiety and calm your pets.  A little shampoo goes a long way.  After a cozy bath with this shampoo, your pets will be ready for lots of love and cuddles...all the while helping you to relax.

Pet Shampoo 16 oz

SKU: 1516004
  • Wet your pet's fur.  Squirt a desired amount of shampoo onto your pet and then gently massage into the fur.  For a full lather, you need plenty of water. After massaging onto your pet for approximately 30 seconds, rinse well with clean water.

  • Review our complete refund policy listed under the policies tab.  Thirty day return on products with proof of purchase for a full refund.  Shipping costs are non-refundable.

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