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Customized Wedding Gift Ideas

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Lavender represents refinement, grace and elegance.  It is often chosen for its spiritual meaning of tranquility, calming, restfulness and happiness.  Each of these characteristics are an embodiment of the true value of a marriage.  

Although many associate a wedding as a day of stress, lavender is known to help relax and promote calmness through its aromatherapy properties.  Stone House Lavender can help you create that perfect touch of relaxation.

Our Customized Wedding Plan includes a one-time: $100.00 fee.  If you select one of the packages to purchase for your wedding, the initial $100.00 fee will be credited toward the price of the package of your choice.


Here’s how it works:

Our Wedding Consultants meet with the bride and groom to gather a clear understanding of their wedding style, interests, budget and visions for the perfect day.  After an initial consultation, our wedding team will prepare three wedding packages for that special day.  These wedding packages may include wedding favors, decoration items, bridal shower gifts, “Day-Of” baskets for the Bride or Mother of the Bride/Groom, bridal party gifts, traveling guest sets, etc. 

We will customize your lavender treasures to match your wedding décor and style with customized labels.

We ask that all wedding contracts be finalized 6-8 weeks before the event for which the items are needed.   50% payment of the selected package price will be required to secure the contract, with the other 50% due upon delivery. 

If you are interested in booking an initial consultation with Stone House Lavender, payment must be received prior to or at the time of the initial consultation.

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