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Where it all started!!

Over many years the family farm has been divided over and over until eventually... we were left holding onto approximately 25 acres. Over the past 35 years, our father, Shane Weaver, continued to use the old stone house (built in 1850) and passionately grew crops and raised animals on the farm. During this time, the meadows saw many cows, horses, pigs, lamb, chickens and dogs. Baling hay was a community effort in the 80's when we still put up hay bales and dad lived by the farmers almanac calendar. He often dreamed of retiring so he could just "play on the farm". In July 2015, Shane , "Ga Weaver", passed away after struggling with kidney disease for several years. The property was once again divided among his children. After a couple years of idle lands and a few cows, a couple of his kids decided it was time to bring back the appreciation for the land.

Mark, the younger son, was retiring from the State Police in a few years and was looking for his next venture. He came across an article about growing lavender on old surface mining properties and wondered if we could turn our little treasure into something everyone could share and appreciate. So to make a long story short, Cheryl (his wife), Mit & JL (sister & brother-in-law) agreed...Let's do this!! Fast forward a couple months and we have officially planted our first 36 lavender plants and started the business Stone House Lavender, LLC. Our vision includes opening the Lavender Farm and Stone House Market to the public in the future.

We hope to keep you updated on our journey and let you share in the wonderful opportunity to watch our little treasure grow into a beautiful local gem for all to enjoy and embrace. Until then, we hope you enjoy the lavender products we have created and support our online store.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -- Wayne Gretzky

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