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Take the "Shop Small" Challenge

This past week we made a last minute decision to attend a “Home for the Holidays’ show locally. It was held at a smaller location than our last event. Therefore, our primary goal was to share our name with the local community. What an awesome experience it was once again!!! Fairmont is a small town. You can’t go to the store or out to eat without seeing someone you know. Growing up here, having active kids, professional careers in Fairmont and a husband for a football coach of 20 years, you’re bound to know someone. Seeing many familiar faces throughout the past two days has been heartwarming.

The excitement and support for our business is what keeps us motivated. This weekend we had many hugs and songs of praise for our products and vison for the lavender farm. People offered some great ideas for us to grow our business. We also got a chance to meet some new locals that can’t wait for us to open our market. We had some repeat customers from last weekend that wanted more great products. Lastly, it was a humbling experience to have new customers who heard we would be at the Christmas Show and stop just to see us.

With all of that being said…the phrase “Shop Small” means so much more to us now. It’s more than just buying from a small business. It means giving support to your family and friends for taking the initiative to step out of their comfort zone. It means, embracing the hard work that people have put into something special. It means giving someone a gift that was made with passion from a place in their heart.

For anyone that has ordered online from us, you will find in your package of goodies a “Thank You” card. We hand write a thank you card to every one of our online customers for their support and hope they love our products as much as we do. This comes from our heart…So to us, “Shop Small” means just that. A gift from the heart!!!

Therefore, this blog is written to challenge each of you to the following:

Buy at least 3 Christmas gifts from a small business or artisan. It doesn’t have to be from Stone House Lavender… just something that has been made from the heart. These gifts may not be as “cheap” as the box store gifts that we all buy on Black Friday. But, we challenge you to support your local and small businesses. These gifts give a special meaning to Christmas…. something forgotten from time to time.

Now, we wouldn’t be good business owners without giving a shameless plug for our gift baskets or gift sets. We currently have customizable gift baskets available online and will be posting some gift sets this coming week. They will be available for the upcoming Cyber Shopping Week. We can also ship these gift baskets anywhere in the US. These are great for anyone that wants to send family or friends something from home. Check us out. Nothing is more comforting and relaxing than a basket full of relaxation from Stone House Lavender.

Relax. Enjoy.

--The Stone House Lavender Crew

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