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More Uses of Lavender

It's amazing how many uses there are for lavender. Today we share a few common uses that many may or may not think of... with more to share soon.

8 great uses of lavender for today-

1. Lavender Sachets can be placed in your drawers to give your clothes a refreshing calm scent. They also help keep moths out of your closet.

2. Place a drop of lavender oil on insect bites to help reduce itching and inflammation.

3. Use a couple drops of diluted lavender oil on acne. It’s anti-bacterial feature will help heal the bacteria induced acne and reduce inflammation.

4. Use a lavender spray on your shirt collar or neck pillow to calm and help relax on a long trip.

5. Add crushed lavender to your tea.

6. Blend lavender essential oil with your bath products to create a calm relaxing bath.

7. Dried lavender buds make great additions to aroma releasing craft projects and decorations.

8. Mix 1 TBSP of crushed lavender buds to 1 cup baking soda. Sprinkle this on the carpet an hour before vacuuming. Vacuum and enjoy the lingering scent.

Our feature product of the day is the Lavender Mist Pillow Spray that can also be used to help you relax on those long trips or cozy autumn days. We will be featuring and selling the dried lavender buds for your tea, carpet cleaner and our sachets at our upcoming sales event at the 8th Annual WV Arts & Crafts Spectacular Nov. 10-12 at Mylan Park Event Center. After the event we plan to release sales of these items online. Our sachets are currently available online in our Relaxation Basket.

Relax. Enjoy.

--Stone House Lavender Crew

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