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Planting Day!!

So we started planting the new plants today.   It started with having a friend (Larry Topardo) till field.   Lots of rocks... to say the least.  Then Mark used the tractor blade to create mounds for rows.   That was the ground work for today's fun.   A couple of our good friends (Kim & Ed Murphy) came to help us.    We still had to lay the landscape paper on the mounds, pin the paper and burn holes.   Thank goodness Mark had every detail planned out for us.  Things went pretty seamless.  Must admit.... it took longer than we expected, but it looks really great!  Finally we were able to get 6 rows of "phenomenal lavender" (that's actually the cultivar name) planted (396 plants). Our step brother Eric Blocker showed up to help us finish the planting.  We had many others volunteer to help us.... but we're not good at asking for help.  So thank you to everyone else that offered to help... we really appreciate the kind gesture!!  

Needless to say,  we have our system down now and ready to do the other 600 this week.  Wish us luck that everything continues to go as smoothly... and weather cooperates.   Here are a few pics of the fun day.  😊

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