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Let the Planting Continue

Planting 1000 plants while we all are working full time jobs can be tricky. Thank goodness we have had good weather on our side. After planting almost 400 lavender plants on Sunday, we were able to operate pretty smoothly the last two evenings. Mark designed some gadgets to make the job easier and we slowly became lavender professionals. Mark used some pipe to go thru the landscape paper tube.... then just pulled it over the mounds with the side by side....Much easier than trying to unroll the paper ourselves. Then he designed a torch with stove pipe to burn holes in the paper....Much much easier than cutting 1000 holes in the paper. We posted a couple videos on our Facebook page of his "gadgets" for you to get the full effect. Unfortunately the blog site will not let us post the videos on here with the pictures. So as of tonight we have almost 700 plants planted and all of the paper down, pinned and holes burned. We should finish tomorrow in a short amount of time. Here are some pictures of the continued progress. Hope you enjoy these as much as we do.  We also included a picture of the soil type we are dealing with.... note-lots of rocks!!

Just to add to the fun... orders keep coming in on our website. We will post another blog in a day or so about the value added process. In the interim, be sure to check out some of our custom blended products on the Body and Health link of our website.

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