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Finally Finished!!!

Four days later and we have finished planting 990 lavender plants on 1/2 acre of the fields. We plan to do more in the spring, but maybe do a few less next time. Hahaha. Weather cooperated with us... no rain. We are now ready to start the next phase of our farm planning. We are planning to put in a pond at the base of the fields...Pretty sure the cows will love it. We hope to do upgrades to the Stone House to open for visitors or the market. We need to clean out the old spring house. It has a really cool active spring under it that was used as a water supply long before city water. And the icing on the cake.... we are building a large barn on top of the hill looking over the lavender fields and pond to host events. We say every day, dad would be really proud of what we are doing!! He loved sharing his farm (and his stories) with others.... and we hope to do it justice. To be honest, he probably wouldn't know or care about a lavender value added product. But, if you know anything about lavender.... it is the herb or all herbs. You can't have a lavender farm without some really awesome products. That discussion on our products will be for another blog in the near future. Below are a couple more pictures of the final product and a beautiful sunset over the fields.   Thanks for following our endeavor as continue to share so you can "Watch us Grow".  

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