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Why Lavender?

Before this exciting whirlwind started this summer, we can all 4 admit we knew very little about lavender.  Honestly, we knew... nothing about lavender.   We all started reading,  visited a lavender farm in Deep Creek, MD,  then lots more reading/research.   The more we learned, the more interesting this endeavor became.     

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils used in the United States.  Yet,  it is not a common crop, especially on the East Coast.   Many folks know France as the lavender capital of the world.   But,  what many don't know is that France produces approx 40 tons of essential oil per year.... but exports 65 tons per year (So we have been told).   What does that tell you?   It means that the essential oil that most people use is being "cut" with a carrier oil and isn't 100% lavender essential oil (even when it's labeled as so).  France  has their own labeling practices and so many folks don't realize they are getting a "cut" oil.   

Now the tricky part is... how do you get the essential oil?  It's from a distillation process.   You put the cuttings harvested into a large tank with water, heat it and the steam rises.  The oils in the plant rise with the steam and then separate thru the condensation process.  Now, once you have true lavender essential oil.... why is it so special?

Lavender is one of the most popular aromatherapy herbs used for its many properties including helping with sleeplessness, anxiety and depression. It’s been known to be used as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal. With its calming and relaxing effect, we have custom blended some health and body products to help you release that tension. 

Thru lots of research we have learned the benefits of lavender and how to take advantage of those properties in our products.   For example,  the lavender mist spray has been a god sent for JL's dad.   He's 80 years old and set in his ways.  But, this summer when he was in the nursing home for physical therapy... we chatted about the pillow spray.   As reluctant as he was, he tried it.   It helped him relax enough that he was able to finally get a decent night's sleep.  From that time forward... this gentle giant has had his pillow sprayed every night.   I only wish that we had known about this several years earlier for dad.   Even though we would have teased him about it.... he would have loved to get a good night's rest. 

We hope you enjoy all the properties lavender has to offer.... and we will share more info about it soon.    Tonight's picture is a shot of some lavender that we harvested from plants planted earlier this summer.   Not too bad of a pic from a cell phone camera.  

Relax. Enjoy.

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