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No Drought, We need Water!

We always say, count our blessings. As much as we need water, we are thankful that we haven't had the water problems that many hurricanes have brought to the south. So, to make the best of every improvise.

What does one do in WV when you don't have an irrigation system? Especially in the middle of a meadow with approximately 1000 newly planted lavender plants. Well the hills can be a blessing. We filled a tub of water, put a water outlet at the bottom of the tub and let gravity take over. The water flowed through the hose and had enough pressure to give a nice spray on each plant. Unfortunately we were not patient enough to spray each plant, so we used the old fashion method too.... a watering can!

We had to be creative getting water to the field. Loaded both the side by sides with ice chests full of water, and then kept refilling them as we needed more. The ice chests were emptied into the tub that gravity fed the water hose. Then we also used buckets to scoop the water out of the ice chests and into the watering cans. Needless to say an irrigation system may be in the future plans. Who would have thought the temperature would be 89 degrees on September 27th?

Lesson of the day.... plan for the unexpected.... high temperatures and no rain for us. But, with a little TLC and water, the plants are doing great and continue to thrive.

Here are some pictures of our improvised irrigation system.

Relax. Enjoy.

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