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The Stone House

Over the past couple of weeks we've had the opportunity to share our history, memories and Stone House with several people. As we plan to revitalize the old Stone House and the farm, it's been pretty cool to reminisce, laugh a few laughs and look at old pictures. Going down memory lane has prompted this blog.

For many folks in the Fairmont area, Lanham Lane is just recognized as another road in White Hall. However, it means much more to us. Lanham Lane is actually named after our ancestors, the Lanham family. Over many years, the family property was divided through several generations. This brings us to our great grandmother Hazel Lanham Hughes. Her family owned the farm and approximately 50+ acres of land. They even had ownership of the Old Nixon School House (an old one room school house adjoining the current family/farm property). While she was still living, she deeded the school house to the Beverly Farm Women's Club. It is now under the care of the Beverly CEO's.

The Stone House has been owned by 7 generations of the family, with 8 generations that have lived in the home (if you include Mit & JL's kids...Baylee and Jake). The house was built in 1850. As we've been told by our dad, Shane Weaver, it took 90 days to build the house and cost $90.00. The walls are built with 18" cut stone and the wood floors still show the original hand forged nails. The main door that hangs today is the original door hung when the house was built. It still has signs of distress from where the door was barred shut to prevent the Civil War soldiers from entering the house. The family stories passed down report that the Stone House was used to store ammunition during the Civil War. As a matter of fact, over the years our dad found some old cannon balls (presumably from the Civil War) on the farm.

The house also holds the family stories of Lizzie!!! Lizzie Lanham passed away in the house from an illness at a young age. Supposedly, the day she passed away her brothers saw her walking in the meadows towards a small grave yard over the hill. When the boys returned to tell their mother they saw Lizzie, they discovered she had succumbed to the illness and passed away peacefully. To this day, Lizzie's presence is noticed in the house. JL and Mit lived in the home from 1994-2002. During this time, they had several encounters with the spirit of Lizzie. People have often said they always felt like someone was watching them from the upstairs window...some folks have said they saw a figure in the window. We don't doubt these tales, we simply embrace the history of this home and cherish the treasures it beholds.

The pictures we share tonight include; an old hand drawn picture of the Stone House, some old family members sitting in front of the house, our Grandma and Grandpa Weaver (Maxine and Charles) in front of the old garage by the Stone House, and an old aerial view of the house and meadows where the lavender fields now exist and where the future Barn Venue will be built.

Hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with us...we will continue to share more memories of the farm down the road.

Relax. Enjoy.

-The Stone House Lavender Crew :)

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