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Sharing our little piece of heaven

We've had some great feedback and inquiries prompting the discussion tonight. Many questions like...Are you opening a market in the Stone House? How can I get some of your products? When can we come see the lavender farm? What all do you offer?... and many more.

As previously stated, the Stone House and farm hold a rich family tradition for us. It's the one place that we all have… that "brings us back". For us it's the memories of walking home from Grandma Parrish's with a fresh pan of homemade rolls, riding bicycles up and down the road until dark, or sled riding down the big hill on Lanham Lane.

So, our plan is to share this feeling with everyone else... Whether that means a bath bomb that helps you relax after a stressful day, using an all-natural lavender bug spray, stuffing lavender sachets in your drawer to keep your clothes from smelling musty or sharing a recipe for a tasty lavender cobbler bite.

We plan to revitalize the Stone House and open it up marginally in the summer of 2018. It will only be open on select weekends to start since we all have full-time jobs. However, at this time the lavender fields will not be in full bloom yet. In addition to the Stone House renovations, we are going to construct a pond in the pasture for the cows. We hope to stock the pond with some fish that will allow us to do some catch and release. The logistics of this are still being planned. The third phase is to add a barn on top of the hill for a wedding or event venue for summer 2019. There are many moving parts that we are trying to manage and plan to keep everyone updated.

So to share our piece of heaven, we currently offer custom made products that are all made here in White Hall, WV. We offer all of our items online. When our local family, friends and customers place an order online, you can select FREE LOCAL DELIVERY (Monongalia, Marion, Harrison or Taylor counties in WV). We will then personally deliver your items to you. In addition, if you live out of town... we can deliver gifts locally to that special family or friend. We will be offering gift baskets starting Oct. 20 and will be accepting custom orders. So if you have a wedding, shower, anniversary or any other special occasion, we will help you come up with creative custom made lavender products or favors. You can just simply email us at or call us at 304-363-6637. We are happy to help. In addition, there is an up-to-date calendar on our website of events we will be attending and offering our products for purchase. Finally, we will be partnering with local retail establishments interested in offering our products. Requests can be sent to our email address above.

In summary, our vision is to offer premium grade products and a venue with the comfort of home. The Stone House Lavender Farm and Market are our home and little piece of heaven...and this is our way of sharing it with you.

The pictures we share tonight are a sunrise at the edge of the woods above the lavender fields and a sunset over newly planted lavender field.

Relax. Enjoy.

--The Stone House Lavender Crew

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